What can I borrow and for how long?

Audiobooks: up to four (4) at a time for three (3) weeks
Blu-Rays & DVDs: up to four (4) at a time for one (1) week
Books: up to 30 at a time for three (3) weeks
CDs: up to four (4) at a time for three (3) weeks
Magazines: up to ten (10) at a time for three (3) weeks
Puzzles: please return once you have finished the puzzle
Video Games: up to four (4) at a time for one (1) week


How do I renew items?

Your items will automatically renew two (2) days before their due date unless someone else has them on hold or if you have reached your renewal limit (usually up to two times).

How do I place items on hold?

Visit the online catalog and place a hold using your library card, or call the library at (607) 863-4300.
To place a hold using the library’s online catalog:
Conduct a search and identify the item you wish to request.
Click on the Place Hold Request button to the right of the title information.
Enter your Barcode Number and Password in the corresponding fields. (Your password will be the last 4 digits of your phone number.)
Click on the drop down menu next to Pickup Library and select the library where you will pick up the item.
Click on Submit Request.
Verify contact information.

You can have up to ten (10) holds at a time.

What’s a “hold”?
This is when you select an item from our library or another library in the Finger Lakes Library System to be reserved for you, using your library card number. If it is a Cincinnatus item, we will pull it from our shelf and put it in our hold shelf for you. If it is at another library, it will be pulled from their shelf and put into the delivery that occurs between libraries in our system. You will be notified when your hold is ready to be picked up.

How do I return items?
You can return items in our outside book drop 24/7 or during regular library hours at either circulation desk.

What else should I know?
You can use your Kellogg Free Library card at any of the libraries in the Finger Lakes Library System

Your borrowing privileges may be temporarily blocked if your card has expired. Call or a stop in to the library to get that taken care of.

Kellogg Free Library is fine free! However you’ll still incur fines if items are damaged or lost.

Reading history feature: Ask us to activate this if you’d like to keep track of the items you borrow. Your reading history is available for three (3) years or 1,000 titles.