The Rogers House

This pure Gothic house, with its seven gables, was constructed in 1851 to serve as a parsonage for Congregational Church ministers. The first and only minister to reside in the house was the Reverend Edson Rogers, who lived there for 48 years. On December 26, 1906, the house was deeded to him as partial payment for unpaid salaries. It was home to his family, as well as to his grandchildren and in-laws. It later belonged to Miss Bessie Seely. She was the first female to graduate from Syracuse University with a degree in law, and she was the first female trustee to serve on the library board.
The Kellogg Free Library purchased the property in 1976. The annual Library Founder’s Day Celebration offers visitors the chance to admire the home’s architecture and collection of local historical treasures.

Painting of The Rogers House painted by local artist Austin MacRae is currently on display at the library.